Natasha Nanda, a native of Manchester, was raised in a household where spirituality played a significant role. Her mother, a gifted spiritual healer with abilities in channelling, tarot reading, clairvoyancy, empathy, and clairsentience, nurtured Natasha’s own clairsentient and empathic nature. Growing up, Natasha had numerous profound spiritual experiences that deepened her understanding and control of her spiritual side.

After completing her BSc Hons Degree in Paediatric Nursing at The University of Salford, Natasha embarked on a career in the NHS. However, her altruistic nature left her disheartened by the system, prompting her to transition into working for charitable organizations such as Green Peace UK, Action Aid, Save The Children, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and World Vision. This led her to Australia, where she worked for a Cancer Charity in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney. 

Seeking a greater sense of purpose, Natasha left her job to embark on a transformative journey backpacking through Thailand and Australia. Teaching English in small villages exposed her to diverse religions, beliefs, circumstances, and cultures. Through meditation and becoming more attuned to her surroundings, Natasha spiritually opened up and gained profound insights and wisdom about herself and others. 

However, Natasha faced significant challenges that caused her life to spiral downward—a family breakdown, the tragic loss of a friend, severed contact with her mother, workplace harassment/ discrimination, health issues, and surviving domestic violence. These experiences led to stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and a suicide attempt. Fortunately, Natasha survived, and this wake-up call led her to seek solace in Divine sources, self-help books, mindfulness, and meditation, eventually noticing the prominent appearance of the 11:11 number sequence. Which she later released two books on:

Natasha Nanda, is a courageous and compassionate soul who has experienced profound personal transformation, found her calling in supporting others on their grief journeys. Natashas journey began with a heart-breaking event, the end of her relationship and her transition into single motherhood.

Navigating the challenges of this significant life change, Natasha faced deep emotional pain and struggled to find solace. However, in the midst of her own healing process, she discovered a profound gift within herself – the ability to connect with loved ones in heaven and convey their messages to those still on Earth.

Driven by her own experiences and a burning desire to help others who were grieving, Natasha began sharing these messages from loved ones in heaven on social media platforms. Her authenticity and genuine compassion touched the hearts of many, offering solace and comfort to those who needed it most.

As Natashas platform grew and her messages resonated with a wider audience, she recognized the potential to provide even greater support. Drawing upon her natural intuitive abilities, she expanded her services to include readings, services and healing sessions. These offerings allowed her to connect with individuals on a deeper level, providing them with guidance, healing, and a sense of connection with the spiritual realm.

Through her readings and healing sessions, Natasha channeled her own pain and transformed it into a source of light and healing for others. Her empathetic nature, combined with her profound spiritual connection, enabled her to bring comfort, healing, and clarity to those navigating their own grief journeys.

Natashas commitment to her clients and her dedication to her own spiritual growth have led her to become a trusted and sought-after practitioner in the field. Her innate ability to connect with both the earthly and spiritual realms has allowed her to facilitate transformative experiences for individuals seeking guidance, healing, and a sense of purpose.

With every session, Natasha continues to make a meaningful impact, helping individuals find solace, regain their inner strength, and discover their own spiritual connection. Through her own journey of pain and transformation, Natasha has emerged as a beacon of hope, offering a guiding light for those who are seeking comfort, healing, and renewed meaning in their lives.

Natashas unwavering commitment to her clients, combined with her natural gifts and profound empathy, positions her as a compassionate and empowering force in the realm of grief support. Her journey is a testament to the power of transformation and the capacity to turn personal pain into a source of healing for others.

Natasha Nanda is also a talented and intuitive content creator who has a remarkable ability to craft personalized items that cater to peoples unique needs. With her creative flair and deep understanding of human experiences, Natasha designs a range of meaningful products, including journals, guides, postcards, and more… 

Natashas diverse range of creations reflects her deep empathy and understanding of peoples needs. She intuitively tunes into the human experience, crafting products that resonate on a profound level. Through her work, Natasha brings comfort, inspiration, and support to those seeking a means of self-expression, personal growth, and connection.

As a content creator, Natashas passion lies in using her creativity to meet peoples needs and empower them on their journeys. Her commitment to authenticity and her ability to capture the essence of human emotions shine through in every creation she brings to life. Whether its a journal to document lifes moments, a guide to navigate challenges, or a postcard to maintain a spiritual connection, Natashas creations are a testament to her talent, compassion, and dedication to helping others find meaning and fulfillment.