X11 Postcards To Heaven: A Path to Healing and Connection


-x11 Postcards To Heaven

-An Explanation of ways to use them

-Charged with Reiki Love and Energy

-Personalization to write inside the card and send it directly to the recipient is available.

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The Creation of Postcards to Heaven

Meet Natasha Nanda & her Best-Friend Jo-Jo, two souls brought together by fate during their individual journeys of grieving. In the depths of their own pain, they found solace in each other’s understanding, raising each other up and empowering one another.

United by a shared desire to bring meaning to their experiences, they decided to create something profoundly heartfelt to support others treading the grief-laden path. They understand this pain intimately, for they, too, have walked and still walk that path of sorrow.  They know that in moments of profound grief and loss, the journey can feel lonely and overwhelming.

When darkness surrounded them, they found a glimmer of light which became crucial to their healing journey with grief and they wanted to help you navigate your own grief journey. They present to you ‘Postcards to Heaven,’ a collection born out of empathy, compassion, and the healing power of words.

The grief journey can be like a rollercoaster of emotions, that defy expression. Often, words fail us, but the written word can become a vessel for our deepest emotions. Each ‘Postcard to Heaven’ is a canvas for your voice, thoughts, and emotions, providing a unique way to express and release what lies within.

How to Use the ‘Postcards to Heaven’

These ‘Postcards to Heaven’ offer a safe space where there’s no, right or wrong way to use them. Listen to your heart and allow your feelings to guide you. Write about your present reality, share moments you wished you could or want to express, celebrate their life, wish them a happy birthday, or simply say, “I love you.”

Sharing these postcards with others can be a profound experience too, as it fosters a sense of community and understanding. For children, these postcards provide a means of expression through art, where they can draw, color, and paint messages of love on the back. The possibilities are boundless, and the healing potential immeasurable.

As you pour your heartfelt messages into each postcard, you may choose to seal them in an envelope, place them with your loved one, bury them, release them on a balloon, or simply hold them close. However, you choose to utilize them, ‘Postcards to Heaven’ opens a door for you to communicate with your cherished loved one.

With these ‘Postcards to Heaven’, the aim is to offer solace and a pathway towards healing. May these heartfelt messages to your loved ones in Heaven, become your conduit for connection, comfort, and a deep sense of closure. The hope is that, like a gentle breeze in the darkest hour, ‘Postcards to Heaven’ will lift your spirits and help you navigate your grief journey.

Remember, you are not alone. Natasha & Jo Jo, stand beside you, sharing the same pain and the same hope. Together, let us find healing through these postcards and create a brighter tomorrow.

Sending you love and strength,

Natasha Nanda & Jo Jo xxx

(Co-creators of ‘Postcards To Heaven’)

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